About Us

Krauter & Company is a full service, international insurance and benefits broker that has reengineered the brokerage model to ensure delivery of the best risk management solutions the industry has to offer. Since opening our doors in 2004, we have consistently employed innovative, experienced and knowledgeable insurance professionals, without the layers of management, to focus and deliver on one common goal: client service. Our headquarters are in Manhattan and have nine additional offices throughout the U.S.: Avenel, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Naples, St. Louis and San Francisco.

What Makes Us Different?

Our business model provides us with unique advantages over our competitors which are highlighted by the following:

  • Krauter & Company is defined as an agile, independent boutique firm that specializes in non-traditional creative solutions means we think outside the box.
  • Team members have minimum of 15 years of experience with an average of 25 years.
  • We have successfully handled, negotiated and settled hundreds of complex claims in conjunction with the Insured’s guidance and assistance.
  • The Krauter team you meet is the same Krauter personnel that will handle your business throughout the entire assessment and placement process. Any one-off due diligence projects and/or portfolio company specific projects will be handled by the same team. We are the individuals that are accountable for any success or challenges of the programs we implement.
  • We often work, very effectively, with outside counsel in designing insurance program structures, negotiating policy language, providing considerations or amendments in transaction documents in M&A or customer specific situations, as well as, settling claims with insurance carriers.
  • Krauter & Company team make the time to differentiate our Insureds from other risks in the insurance marketplace because we will learn and understand your business and operations better than the underwriters providing your insurance. We will maintain continual dialogue with you throughout the year to ensure we stay ahead of any developments within your company. We will keep your company up to speed on what is developing in the insurance marketplace.
  • Strong, vertically aligned relationships within the insurance marketplace. We have strong relationships at the highest level of the Insurance Carriers.
  • History of creating innovative products – reps and warranties, tax opinion, dedicated risk management due diligence teams, portfolio programs, loss portfolio transfers and all with creative off balance sheet financing.
  • True client centric model unencumbered by conflicting corporate mandates.
  • One point of contact and/or team.
  • We are a privately held company with full corporate transparency. We are not influenced by any outside factors.
  • Function as an integral fully collaborative extension of your team.
  • Our relationships with each of the carriers is unprecedented having worked with most of those who manage the underwriting decisions at the carriers.
  • We are “hands on” throughout every step of the process.
  • We have the ability to influence the claims process through senior management contacts at the major insurance carriers through tough negotiation and influence; not just via contract language.