Client Praise for the Krauter Team!

Robert Brittany, Vice President of Human Resources & Compliance, of California Family Fitness gave the following review on LinkedIn:

“Even as an attorney, my understanding of insurance and risk management practices pales when compared to the knowledge and skills of Lori MacDonald, Director of Middle Market, and her team at Krauter.

Her acumen was only matched by her proactive desire to understand our business and operations. Her partnership was so thorough that, with the Workers Compensation division at Krauter through Sandra Walz, our modification rate dropped 32% from the time Krauter became our broker. In the GPLI areas, Krauter assisted with driver’s education training for our staff and established internal audits of our facilities. Krauter provided on-point improvements while never failing to balance the pragmatic needs of the business with risk avoidance measures.

Although national in scope, not once did Krauter treat our needs, our calls, or our emails, as second-tier issues. Responses came quickly — COIs typically within the same day. So communicative was Lori and her Krauter team that I would often be reminded by her of project milestone tasks for which I was responsible — they were so in-synch with our business it felt as if I had an on-staff assistant dedicated to our risk management needs. Lori was even available for in-depth lease reviews, adding a much needed perspective to our processes.

You will do your firm or company a great service by allowing Lori and Krauter to partner with you just as they have partnered with us.”

LinkedIn – September 28, 2016