Krauter & Company’s Claim Advocacy Group’s singular aim is to help our clients effectively manage their casualty claim experience from both a micro and macro approach.  Whether the goal is to develop a tactical resolution plan on any one claim, ensure proper reserve adequacy on a targeted claim sample or ensure that an organizational infrastructure is developed to apply industry-recognized best practice strategies to mitigate ultimate claim costs, we have true expertise to partner with our clients to effect necessary change and achieve these goals.

Managing what is considered “traditional services,” such as facilitating the claim reporting process, providing status reports on high exposure cases, coordinating carrier claim services at renewal and over the course of the policy term, and providing advocacy in the event of coverage issues, enables our senior advocates to develop close knit relationships with our client’s line management and risk management departments. This “intelligence,” further enhanced by regular analysis of loss data trending creates a perfect platform to enable our advocates to provide meaningful, sophisticated consulting services that drive results. Carrier claim reviews, for example, are customized to determine the nature of the claims that are driving costs.  Identifying obstacles to expedient claim reporting, which is known to reduce the cost of workers’ compensation claims, can be addressed by creating streamlined processes at the client level. Needs analyses are performed to develop and/or enhance return to work policy procedures, medical management practices, and overall claim management strategies to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies.