The health care industry is complex, but with a strategic risk management partner it does not have to be.  Krauter’s unique, bottom line-driven approach consistently delivers superior results. We understand that the costs associated with medical malpractice or professional E&O insurance are a daunting, but essential expenditure for protecting your business.  Our seasoned professionals are experienced in developing original, innovative program solutions to provide clients with the coverages necessary to protect your health care business, without overwhelming your budget.

Krauter & Company is a predominant force in healthcare risk management. Realizing that all healthcare facilities are not “created equal,” Krauter & Company continues to be recognized for providing customized solutions that best serve the individualized needs of:

  • Hospitals
  • Long Term Care and Home Care Facilities
  • Integrated Delivery Systems
  • Physician Practice Groups
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Health Care Captives
  • Clinical Trial Administrators

Each type of healthcare facility has unique exposures and claims scenarios which require a tailored approach to the services required.  At Krauter & Company, our team will assist with the following services:

  • Actuarial analysis (utilizing in-house and third party industry experts)
  • Strategic risk identification and exposure analysis
  • Loss control and consulting services
  • Claims management and consultation
  • Clinical trial risk management and compliance
  • Risk financing
  • Captive development and management services

Additionally not all markets write all health care exposures.  Knowing the best market for each individual risk, and the best access point within those markets, could determine the success of your risk management program.