Loss Management Consulting Services

At Krauter & Company we believe that the best way to serve our clients is through effective and continuous communication not only individually with the client, but internally among our team members. That is why, unlike our larger competitors, our consulting practice is one distinct group, comprised of both claims management and risk control experts working closely together for an exceptional outcome for our clients.

Our primary goal is to mitigate the productivity and financial losses that unintended events, such as workplace injuries and auto accidents, have on our clients’ balance sheets.  We pride ourselves on becoming an integral part of our clients’ risk management day-to-day operations by delivering an unparalleled service standard of excellence.

Traditional Services

  • Client Advocacy – Presenting the client to prospective underwriters in the best light possible gaining better terms, conditions and pricing.
  • Needs/Gap Analysis – Detailed assessment of current safety programs with comparison to industry best practices.
  • Service Planning – Develop a strategic plan which incorporates workable, near-term and long-term, activity-based objectives.
  • Regulatory Research – Answer OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, FDA, and DOT questions in a timely manner.  Act as intermediary with regulators.

Consultative Services

  • In-Depth Loss Analyses – Analyze loss causes methodically to uncover root causes.
  • Ergonomic Analysis – Identify ergonomic loss drivers and offer multiple solutions.
  • Benchmarking Analysis – Allow clients to compare how they have performed to their peers.
  • Risk Manager Training – As needed, educate managers with insurance responsibilities in the basic and strategic approaches to risk reduction to ensure their success.
  • Corporate Safety Management Structure Review – Assist clients in understanding the elements necessary for a risk control program.  Develop roles and responsibilities within the safety program for each management level as appropriate.
  • Behavioral Based Safety – Developing initiatives where safety is employee owned and management supported is a forte; with proven results
  • Safety Perception Survey – Provide perception surveys, tally the results and present them in a meaningful manner, providing management with appropriate tools to improve issues.
  • Carrier Management – Ensuring a high level of carrier service with frequent communications and report reviews is a hallmark of our practice.
  • Vendor Coordination – Seek the proper experts and manage them as necessary to ensure that our clients’ needs have been satisfied in a timely and effective manner.