Hedge funds and private investment funds may be the investment vehicles of choice for many investors, but with a reputation for volatility, they also can become easy scapegoats during global economic downturns

Investors’ expectations of superior performance, coupled with standards of care, good faith, and fiduciary duty, create a wide array of liability exposures for the funds, their general partners, and affiliated service providers. The reluctance of most insurers to offer coverage for hedge funds and other private investment funds leaves financial services professionals exposed to potentially enormous risks. Coverages include:

  • Entity Coverage for Funds
  • General Partners Liability Coverage
  • Directors and Officers Liability Coverage
  • Professional Liability Coverage

Krauter & Company’s unique and vast financial services industry experience allows us to offer insurance protection for hedge funds and private investment funds with a comprehensive portfolio of tailored coverages. Our unique ability to customize protection to meet specialized needs, provide superior service, and offer exceptional claims management allows us to stand in the forefront of the insurance industry.