Today’s M&A environment requires more diligence, creativity, and interdisciplinary know-how than ever before to get deals done.  Our Mergers & Acquisitions team brings a vast level of experience to assist in the completion of transactions involving all aspects of buying, selling and combining companies.  Krauter & Company is well known as an industry leader in the management and implementation of programs that facilitate M & A transactions, handling over 150 Private Equity firms as clients, along with their portfolio companies.  Krauter & Company represents and advises firms of all sizes in nearly every major business sector.  Many of our employees have been specializing in the mergers & acquisitions area for the better part of their careers, both in the Insurance and Group Benefits areas.

We understand the complex nature of these transactions and the many key issues that must be analyzed and considered when working on a transaction.  From the initial diligence to transactional products and the post-closing insurance and benefits programs, our team has unrivaled experience in identifying transaction related solutions to facilitate the deal and the opportunities for portfolio programs to create greater efficiencies and provide balance sheet protection.

At Krauter & Company, we continue to lead and innovate in developing new products for or clients involved in M&A transactions.