Krauter & Company’s Middle Market Property & Casualty team acts as an outsourced risk manager for companies who are not large enough to have an in house risk manager. Krauter’s specialists coordinate the following risk management services:

  • Identify exposures to loss
  • Quantify exposures
  • Isolate a range of options for handling exposures (mix of insurance and self-insurance; i.e., how much loss can be retained comfortably/how does client get the biggest “bang” for the buck; insurance dollar should be utilized where it is most effective in protecting the balance sheet, the company’s assets and the stream of revenue generated by the assets)
  • Claims advocacy
  • Loss prevention expertise 

Krauter & Company has appointments with over 120 insurance companies on a direct basis.  There are markets that can only be accessed through a wholesale broker.  When the standard markets do not provide an adequate solution for our clients, we will utilize the services of a wholesale broker to access the E&S markets that we cannot access directly.  For the domestic E&S markets, we primarily use the services of Amwins, Crump and RT Specialty.  When accessing the London, European or Bermuda markets, we determine which wholesale broker to used based on the following:

  • Who has the greatest expertise for a particular risk
  • Who has the best market relationships with the underwriters that will be interested in a particular risk
  • Who has the available time and resources to commit to a particular marketing effort
  • If multiple locations, which of the various foreign networks that we work with has locations in the same countries/cities? 

When it comes to marketing, each Insured is unique as respects the following items:

  • risk profile
  • risk management philosophy
  • current financial condition
    • EPS considerations
    • ability to post collateral
    • loan covenants
  • level of carrier service required
  • prior carrier experience
  • prior marketing efforts

That is why prior to any marketing effort, we will meet with our clients to review all of the above stated aspects and together determine the proper marketing strategy.   If it is determined that the account should be marketed, we would take all of the above aspects into consideration when identifying the best markets for achieving our mutually agreed upon goals.  In order to generate a competitive bidding process, it is imperative that a quality underwriting submission is compiled that will proactively address any potential underwriting concerns and solicit strong interest from as many markets as possible.   One key item that distinguishes our firm’s marketing from our competitors is that we actually underwrite each account in-house and provide the markets with our recommended program structure, terms and conditions.  We believe that we have a much greater chance of securing the most competitive program for our clients if we direct the markets versus allowing them to dictate the underwriting.  This strategy is most successful if we provide the analysis that supports our proposed programs, provide a complete underwriting submission and, where beneficial, conduct underwriting meetings with interested markets and our clients.