The Krauter & Company Real Estate Practice has extensive experience in addressing risk challenges for organizations that are active (either as owner or operator) in the following areas.

  • Residential Properties (multi-family, condos, mixed residential portfolios)
  • Commercial Office Properties
  • Retail Properties
  • Industrial Properties (warehouses, distribution centers)

Our client experiences include real estate partnerships, real estate/private equity funds, institutional investors, real estate entrepreneurs and real estate investment trusts. We are very active with firms that have extensive Tier 1 Wind Risk and have developed an underwriting submission protocol that accentuates the assets’ strengths and addresses underwriting challenges head-on; in a clear, concise and fair manner.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and includes experts in the areas of property, general liability, workers compensation and professional liability exposures. In addition we have invested in differentiated expertise by employing exceptional in-house talent in the areas of real estate risk management, claims advocacy and loss engineering. These technical skill-sets are not often available from a single source. An investment in this skill set offers our clients several advantages through the entire loss chain: pre-loss; at the time of loss; and finally, post loss, through the receipt of reimbursement dollars.

With our strong risk management skill-sets and backgrounds we are able to offer our clients a strategic partnership where knowledge and insights deliver value far beyond pure price plays (premium cost is important, but it is one of several important factors that go into a successful risk management and insurance strategy).

Our extensive use of CAT modeling, pre-renewal loss engineering visits, pre-renewal claims advocacy input and significant brokerage expertise allow for our customers to take comfort that their premium and coverage terms are a match for their needs. In addition, we operate in a manner that is highly collaborative where we assist in the development of allocation models, insurance contract review and analysis, insurance certificates and distribution.

For real estate firms that require big broker skill-sets, but desire the personal attention and commitment of a boutique brokerage, Krauter & Company’s unique approach can be a tremendous, cost effective advantage.