The primary goal of any sound risk management philosophy should be to identify and minimize or eliminate potential for loss

Those which cannot be reduced or self-assumed at a tolerable level, must be transferred. Our primary goal is to work with you to identify and quantify your exposure to loss and to help you determine the most viable method to address your risk in order to meet your risk management objectives.

We have extensive experience with the following types of placements:

  • Domestic
  • Global- Non Admitted and Admitted
  • “All Risks” placements
  • Boiler & Machinery
  • Builder’s Risk- Individual projects and “open cover” programs
  • Contractor’s Equipment
  • Inland/Ocean Marine
  • Difference In Conditions (Earthquake and Flood)
  • Layer/Shared
  • Mortgage Impairment
  • Terrorism

Whether you’re a new business prospect or an existing client, the process remains the same:

  • Conduct an intensive due diligence review of your existing placement, review your exposures or any changes in exposure in order to assess your businesses vulnerabilities.
  • Develop a marketing strategy with you.
  • Involve you in the marketing process if we believe that this will work to your benefit.
  • Not lose sight of who we are representing. YOU.

In order to bring all of the services that are required to identify and quantify your exposure to loss, we have formed strategic partnerships with a number of independent firms to deliver Catastrophic Loss Modeling, Risk Control Engineering and local servicing on Global placements. We will continually monitor these relationships and will always strive to partner with those that bring the best resources to the table in any given situation. These services are all comparable to or many would argue better than those provided by our competitors. Your Krauter & Company property broker is your representative in the marketplace. We see what the competition traditionally delivers and to put it simply, the results are not the best. They are not providing you with the broadest terms and conditions at the most competitive premium. You have a fiduciary responsibility to your company, your stockholders, your employees and your customers. As your partner, we do too. We are different. We are client-focused. We need to deliver day in, day out or we will lose your confidence which is not an option for us.